Error 619 or 645 when connecting to Anonymous VPN with PPTP

Attempting to Connect to your Anonymous VPN w/ Windows Fails with Error 619 or 645

While Connecting to our VPN Service with Windows you get Error 619 or in some older versions of Windows 645.

There are several possible causes for error 619 that we have ran into over the years. I am going to give a high level run down of possible causes and fixes. If you still have problems connecting to our VPN Service open a ticket.

The most common cause of error 619 when connecting to a VPN is something blocking the GRE protocol or TCP port 1723 a firewall or router will cause this error. If your behind a SoHo router or a dd-wrt router verify that VPN pass-through is checked and that Disable the SPI Firewall is not checked in your firewall/security settings.  

Sometimes Windows itself is to blame. You can eliminate this possibility by forcing Windows to use the PPTP protocol. This is done by explicitly setting the Type of VPN property on the Security tab to Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) instead of Automatic. 

Step by Step Process for Windows 7 

  1. Go to Start and type Control - click on Control Panel
  2. Click Network and Internet 
  3. Under Network and Sharing Center click Connect to a network 
  4. Inside the Currently connected to: Window under Dial-up and VPN right click the VPN connection and click Properties 
  5. Navigate to the Security tab set the Type of VPN property to Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP)
  6. Click OK and test the connection again.

If this did not work go to the Options tab and click PPP Settings... un-check Enable LCP extensions. 

If the problem persists and you have a 2nd device to test PPTP connectivity with try it. If it doesn't connect try it connected directly to your DSL or Cable Modem. If its still not connecting then there is a good chance something outside of your control is actively blocking it. Try connecting to our VPN Service with OpenVPN.

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