Connect to your Personal VPN w/ IPSEC and Windows 7

  1. Left Click Start -> Control Panel
  2. Inside Control Panel, under Network and Internet left click View network status and tasks
  3. Below Change your networking settings, left click Set up a new connection or network
  4. Inside Set Up a Connection or Network window, choose Connect to a workplace then left click Next
  5. inside the window Connect to a Workplace, left click on Use my Internet connection (VPN)
  6. Inside Internet address: enter Your Perferred Server
  7. Inside Destination name: enter SMR Hosting IPSEC
  8. Check Don't connect now; just it up so I can connect later
  9. Click Next
  10. Inside User name: enter your username (Its usually your email address)
  11. Inside Password: enter your password
  12. (optional) Select Remember this password
  13. Left Click Create
  14. Close the window - Do Not Connect!
  15. In Network and Sharing Center, left click Change Adapter Settings its on the left hand side.
  16. Right click on SMR Hosting IPSEC left click Properties
  17. Select Options tab uncheck Include Windows logon domain 
  18. Select the Security tab in the dropdown box Type of VPN choose Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol with IPSec (L2TP/IPsec)
  19. inside the Data encryption drop down box choose Maximum strength encryption
  20. Choose Allow these protocols verify Microsoft CHAP Version 2 is the only one checked.
  21. Left click Advanced Settings
  22. Enter the pre shared key
  23. Left click Ok.
  24. Left click the Networking tab remove everything except Internet Protocol Version 4
  25. Left click Ok
  26. Congratulations your L2TP/IPSec w/ Pre-Shared Key for Windows 7 setup is complete.
  27. You can now connect to it.
  28. Please visit HTTP://SUPPORT.MICROSOFT.COM/KB/926179 and apply this fix if you are behind a NAT device and are unable to connect.
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