Maintenance went longer then expected

Webserver is back online. The maintenance went longer then expected. There was a hardware problem that had to be addressed.

6th Dec 2013
OpenVPN Migration on KC - USA West - Ziln In progress

The migration on KC - USA West and Ziln has started. We will need to reboot the server and change them over. The new configuration files are being created now and will be uploaded within the hour.

1st Oct 2013
Free VPN Accounts are back and better then ever

Now all free VPN accounts have full access to our VPN servers. 

20th Sept 2013
UK Node is now online

UK Node is now online it supports PPTP L2TP and OpenVPN. It is not a modulating node. We will update this node as soon as we can get more IPs.

12th Sept 2013
Kansas City and USWest being updated

Both Kansas City and USWest is being updated right now to support the rolling IP addresses and non rolling IP addresses. They will be back up within the hour.

29th Aug 2013
Static IPs are available again

We have fixed the problem with static IP addresses and they can be ordered once again.

7th Jul 2013
Dedicated IP addresses

Dedicated IP addresses are available however due to a software bug they cannot be ordered via the control panel. Please open a ticket if you need a dedicated IP address.

7th Jul 2013
NL and KC Working properly

NL and KC are online and working properly again. There was a routing issue that went un-reported until today.

7th Jul 2013
Port Forwarding Enabled via your control panel

We have just rolled out a major upgrade to our system that allows users with static IP addresses to open and forward any ports they want from their control panel. Click Services - My Services then click View Details on the right. Go to management actions and Open ports. There you are able to forward a number of ports (depending on your ... Read More »

30th Jun 2013

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